Handmade By Lorraine

Handmade By Lorraine is dedicated to creating products that are truly unique, each with their own quirks that set them aside from anything else. Making jewelry has been a passion of Lorraine’s for many years, allowing her to experiment with everything from silver work, anodising and beading.

Each piece is uniquely created to express originality, different techniques and an array of stunning colours, patterns and shapes. Lorraine thoroughly enjoys submersing herself in crafts, constantly experimenting with different manipulations and techniques to achieve stunning pieces that express her love for this form of art.

Her website features an extensive list of bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces, eyeglass chains and rings. She also produces a variety of handmade papers, journals, lampwork beads and marbled art. Her facebook page provides the latest information on products available.

Why AB thinks Handmade By Lorraine is one of Adelaides Best: If you're looking for a stunning gift or a unique piece to set aside any old outfit, be sure to check out Handmade By Lorraine. 


Website: http://www.handmadebylorraine.com

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